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Helping organisations to stay connected and reach and engage new audiences

Living Network - VR secret trails

New Projects

Join us in developing bespoke projects to enable your school or organisation to stay connected and reach and engage new audiences. See latest projects below. Please contact Richard Pollard for further information.  

Join the Living Network

Living Connections partnership is growing a national network of like minded organisations to create a living network of trails. Enabling schools, youth groups and attractions to connect their children and visitors with each other and nature everyday of the week, no matter where they live, the time of year, weather or crisis.


We're looking for creative organisations, staff and volunteers that would like to be trained to create 360 trails for their organisation either located onsite or with a partner organisations. With permission in place trails can be created in school grounds, at attractions, museums, community centres, nature reserves, woodlands, town/city parks and open spaces, trails can even be created underwater!

If your interested please email Richard Pollard for a project brief. 

The Secret Garden - Immersive Learning Hub 

Living Connections is working in collaboration with the Eco-Attractions Group, Bournemouth University/NCCA and MCa to raise funds to design and develop the Secret Garden. A bespoke mobile immersive learning hub that can be built to meet an organisations learning and engagement needs and installed onsite or at a temporary location (shopping centre, festival, indoor or outdoor arena).


The Secret Garden enables organisations to reach and engage new audiences in their mission in a truely dynamic way through the creation of immersive workshops, talks and cinematic experiences that can be live streamed to a global audience using the latest interactive projection animation technology. 




“MCa have been involved with Living Connections for many years. We have found their approach to education, and their message about the natural world, invigorating; structuring a connected message about how we are all interconnected and need to grow our understanding of, and responsibility for, the health and wellbeing of our natural environment.


Their desire to extend their message via the Secret Garden initiative utilises physical and virtual environments, with the potential to connect global audiences and grow a new relationship with the natural world, which is of real value at such a critical time''  Ref Justin Ziegler - Design Director MCa.

Digital campaigns

Teaming up with partners like the Eco-attractions Group to create simple, fun social media campaigns to help families, schools and communities stay connected during these difficult times.


and #natureplaylist to learn more.   

Free Consultation 

If your organisation is keen to reach and engage new audiences or like the idea of engaging in one of our current projects then please call for a chat.